We operate a 360 solution for market-leading brands and retailers operating within the UK.

With a diverse range of retailers spanning across the UK, we can ensure your products end up on shelves and websites that fit your brand identity.


Logistics and fulfilment are fully managed by us. We offer both next-day delivery and insured trackable courier services.
Customers can manage orders, invoices & see real-time inventory updates through their private B2B e-commerceaccount via our Portal.


We handpick our product range following in-depth market research and third-party testing to ensure our products combine quality, brand legacy, and market longevity. Our products are supplied with third-party tested COAs to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.


With our 360 marketing sister company Toniqly at our disposal, we can quickly create and implement in-store promotional materials, digital advertising, print collateral, e-mail campaigns and more.